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This is your chance to win $20,000
and innovate the world with algae!

Do you want to make a difference in the world? Are you interested in forwarding your career in science with a new challenge filled with opportunities? This competition, designed to showcase products made from algae, will bring students together from across the United States to come up with real-world solutions that shape the global future of Algae.

The AlgaePrize competition’s goal is to develop, design, invent, or enhance a specific technology, cultivation, processing or new product development within the commercial algae value chain.

Join the Competition

It is envisioned that each student team gains an appreciation for applied research, the value of student directed research and teambuilding and a life-long respect for the scientific process in enhancing our society.

How to Register

1. Go to the HeroX competition page.
2. Create a HeroX account if you don’t already have one.
3. Accept the “2022-2023 AlgaePrize Competitor Agreement” to get started. This indicates your interest in competing; it is not a commitment.
4. You can then enter the email addresses of your team members if you know them, join an already established team, or compete individually.

Learn more in the AlgaePrize Rules. You have until March 2, 2022 to set up and register your team.


Send questions to AlgaePrize@thealgaefoundation.org